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Psychology Links & Resources


Child Custody


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Civil Competencies



The Psychology of Adoption. (1993). Edited by David M. Brodzinsky and Marshall D. Schechter .

Wrongful adoption: Law, policy, & practice. (1998). Freundlich, M., & Peterson, L.


Child Welfare


Personal Injury

Weiner, I.B., & Hess, A.K. (2005). Handbook of Forensic Psychology.


Federal Antidiscrimination

Foote, W.E., & Goodman-Delahunty, J.G.. (2004). Evaluating Sexual Harassment: Psychological, Social, and Legal Considerations in Forensic Examinations.
Barrett, K.H., & George, W.H. (2007). Race, Culture, Psychology, and Law 


Entitlement Matters

Bloch, F.S. (1992). Disability determination.

Davis, M. (2000). How to get SSI and Social Security disability.


Special Education/Disability Law Matters

Chapman, R. The Everyday guide to special education law

Siegel, L.M. Nolo's IEP Guide: Learning Disabilities


Dr. Kenney publishes this list on his privately owned website. The goal of this list is to provide information about Dr. Kenney’s practice, and to inform the public about psychological matters. This list and the website are not endorsed by, or affiliated with, any state or national psychological associations or any state licensing board. Dr. Kenney presents these sources for consumer information, and he neither endorses or disapproves of all the content in these sources.

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